10 Ways for Your Kids to Store Their Stuffed Animal

It doesn’t take much for your child to start amassing a large collection of stuffed animals. They start receiving them from an early and age and don’t seem to ever want to give them up. How many of you still have access to your favorite plush friend from when you were a child?

The next thing you know, your kid’s bedroom is full of plushies. As parents, we’re all wondering how on earth we’ll store all of them without every room looking like a zoo. We’ve all found ourselves in a similar situation and luckily, they created creative ways to organize stuffed animals. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

  1. Build Your Own Stuffed Animal Storage Display

The option displayed here is a cute wall hanging swing display. This storage idea works well if your kids don’t play with their stuffed toys anymore but are too attached to get rid of them. It’s also a creative solution way to organizing each stuffed animal by to their type, size, or color. Who knows, maybe your teen/tween will just want to display their favorite plushies?

  1. Repurpose an Old Planter for Stuffed Animals

Most kid’s rooms don’t have a ton of floor space. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to get creative. Try hanging planter boxes on the wall. This gives the less handy parent a clean option to keeping toys off of the floor. Make them a decoration. Paint them to match the room. Maybe your child would want to join in and add their flair. Either way, the option is clean and becomes a nice decoration.

You can also do this with hanging planters. Clean, repaint and add some decorations and you’re ready to hang your new creation from the ceiling. It’s simple and easy because you don’t really need to spend money on it. Depending on how many plushies your child has, you might need to hang multiple planters to accommodate.

  1. Knit or Sew a Stuffed Toy Holder

Get out your scissors and yarn and tap into your creative juices by making a knitted or sewn net. This gives you the flexibility to make it whatever design and size you want and if you choose knitting, it should be stretchable. If knitting is not your thing, go find a blanket or sheet that fits the style of the room and cut it to fit. This makes it so you don’t need to spend a dime — just tap into your creativity and get it done.

  1. Make a Stuffed Animal Storage Pillow

There are always interesting solutions for sale on Etsy or you can grab the idea and make it yourself. Everyone has big pillows. Imaging stuffing a big pillowcase with your plushies. It’s a soft and formed pillow and keeps everything clean. Add a zipper and now everything is secure. It’s storage and pillow all in one. Genius, right?

  1. A Rolling Plush Toy Storage Ottoman

Ottoman storage boxes are ideal for stuffed animal storage. It’s not just storage — it doubles as a chair or table! Now give your child some paint and brushes and let their creativity run wild. This gives you some cute furniture that your child builds a connection with. This only works if you have the floor space to accommodate your new ottoman. Add wheels and now it moves… problem solved.

  1. Make or Buy a Stuffed Animal Hammock

Hammocks aren’t just for people; they can hold your stuffed animals too! The hammock crochet pattern makes it a fun addition to the kid’s bedroom or playroom. You can make your own, customize a hammock or find something on Esty.


  1. Repurpose A Dresser Drawer As A Storage Box

Find your way to the nearest flee market and start searching for an old dresser. Unhinge one or more of the drawers and add some lets. Voilà, you have a new stuffed animal storage box. Add piece of wood to the top with a few hinges and you can even use it as a table. This is a fun way to solve multiple problems with one solution.

  1. Repurpose A Shoe or Closet Organizer for Plush Toy Storage

Shoe organizers don’t have to be just for shoes. It can be your stuffed animal storage and organizer. This helps kids easily find their favorite plushie vs rummaging through a box full of toys. Now they have a specific place. You can do the same thin using a closet organizer.

  1. Stuffed Animal Beanbag

Seeking a clever, cozy solution for tidying up those plush companions? Look no further than our stuffed animal beanbag storage! This innovative option is perfect for anyone looking to blend functionality with comfort. Transform the clutter of stuffed toys into a soft, inviting beanbag chair that adds a whimsical touch to any child's room or family space. With customizable fabric choices, you can match the decor of any room, creating a seamless addition to your home. The size is entirely up to you, ensuring it fits perfectly in its intended spot. Not only does this beanbag serve as a delightful seat, but it also allows your child to contribute to its design, making it a personal treasure. Combine practical storage with the joy of design and watch as your space transforms with this dual-purpose gem.

  1. Zoo Stuffed Animal Storage Idea

Want to take child's play to the next level? Build or buy something that matches all of their plush friends. This animal zoo stores your kid's toys and gives them a creative place to play "zoo." Getting their plush toys out and putting them back is easy — push them inside the zoo. This type of toy encourages independence. Your kids can get toys out on their own because now they can reach them.


There are tons of stuffed animal storage solutions on the market. Check out Etsy or any toy store for that matter. I’m a big fan of building what fits your style so repurposing things you have on hand can solve your mess problem with just a little creativity. The key here, have fun and let you child participate in the creation. Afterall, it is their room 😊


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